Hello, WordPress.

This is my official new blog. I’m not entirely sure how much I will use this, but from time to time I do think of interesting things to say. Perhaps I will strive to think of more interesting things to say than usual because of this new blog.

I think my issue with blog posting is that I always subconsciously think it needs to be super long and comprehensive. If you’ve ever read my notes on Facebook, you’ll quickly realize what I’m talking about. When I sit down to write something, I want to write every single thing that’s going on in my head, so that the reader understands EXACTLY what I’m saying. So consequently, I end up not finishing a lot of things I want to say because I get bored, tired, or distracted. And it tends to take me a long time to say something. If I finish a blog post in 15-30 minutes, I feel like I did something wrong because I finished it so quickly. Since I don’t often get (or make) an hour and a half to write something, I often don’t write it at all. But I’m gonna see if I can update this one more frequently.

Another factor in updating blogs is my irrational expectation of responses every single time I post something. That’s actually why I don’t use Twitter very much. Just simply because I don’t have many friends on Twitter, let alone people that will respond to the little things I have to say. I feel like I need to be rewarded for my effort, which I think isn’t a bad thought, just a ridiculous one. Usually the only way one gets a response is if one works their butt off for nobody but themselves. Then people start noticing that and THEN will perhaps recognize one for their effort. But even that doesn’t always happen, and that gives me zero motivation oftentimes. But hey, I’m feeling inspired today, so here’s my first blog post. Hope you enjoyed it.


About Derek

Well hello there. I'm a thoughtful chap who loves God and swing dancing. I tend to live in the moment with the future in mind, and I try make everything as worth it as possible. And if I can do something that makes me look silly, making my friends laugh, I'll probably do it. View all posts by Derek

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