I really dislike churchspeak.

So you know how churches will put little one or two-liners on their signs sometimes? Well, I tend to like to pick them apart because of their inaccuracy, ineffectiveness, or churchy language. And I drove past one the other day. This one said: “People disappoint. God never will.”

Now, for a Christian, I think this works quite well, and I don’t really have many qualms about this statement because I know what they mean. God doesn’t disappoint because he will always keep the promises he has made. Always. So in that sense, God will never disappoint.

But the thing is, this sign is obviously not meant for fellow believers. This sign is meant for outreach to nonbelievers. So what does this statement mean in their view?

Well, it’s possible that they could take it in the sense that it was meant to be taken in, in that God will never break his promises. But how can a non-believer possibly be expected to understand that? If I were a non-believer, I would probably think that God was the solution to all my problems, and my life would immediately be better because God wouldn’t disappoint my expectations. Death is a good example here. Say my dad suddenly became ill, and I expected God to heal him, since God supposedly never disappoints. And then my dad dies. What would make me want to trust what that church says, and in turn, what the Bible says? My misinterpretation of a poorly conveyed Biblical truth could make me turn against Christianity just like that.

I really dislike those church signs.

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