Mmm, jazz ‘n dancing.

I do love my music like crazy. Wasn’t always like that, but I also didn’t really think much about music itself until I joined a band. Because of my participation in this band and watching the process of our songs come together, my eyes were opened to the fact that there’s way more to music than catchy melodies and sweet beats. There’s truly magic in the intelligence of music.

When I talk of being intelligent in terms of music, that doesn’t mean just knowing one’s music theory inside and out (which is definitely beneficial, and I wish I had more knowledge in that). It’s knowing how to convey one’s emotions in the music coupled with the knowledge of theory. All that and having it not sound like everything else.

Jazz is my favorite right now. I think the best thing about jazz is the conversationalist nature of it. Call and response, interjections that accent what another instrument just did, and just the general feel of it. That’s also what makes swing dancing so much fun. Swing music is very easy to play around with in terms of musicality in dancing, because most swing songs use a lot of the same mechanics, though the songs themselves will be different.

Actually, a thought just occurred to me now. There’s something very significant that that music and dancing has in common, other than the obvious relationship. You can know a huge number of moves, but still be terrible. There’s more than just the all the different guitar riffs you know. If you don’t know how to make them fit in the music, there’s no point. Well, there is a certain amount of enjoyment one can get by just being able to play what they know, but the real magic happens when one knows how to enhance the mood, flow, or melody of the song using what they know. Same with dancing. There’s fun in being able to know moves, but the real fun comes when you can incorporate the moves according to the song. Dancing the song, instead of dancing with a song.

Silence is huge. When one knows how to play a song using silence, that’s when I think one starts realizing how to really play music. My drum teacher would emphasize that it’s not how fast one can drum that defines how good a drummer one is, it’s how slow and minimal one can play that really puts one in a higher level of drumming. You can play as fast and with as many notes as you want, and it can be good. But when you can figure out which notes aren’t needed, and where you can “play” silence, that’s where one blossoms as a musician. Same with dancing. When you can accent the music by NOT moving, by stopping, even for just a split second, that’s when you reach a whole other level of dancer. You be dancing the music, not dancing alongside music.

Currently listening to: Eva Cassidy‘s version of Honeysuckle Rose


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