Insert pithy and perhaps humorous title here.

Wow, I seem to be quickly starting to run out of things to talk about. That’s weird. I think I’m going about writing a blog the wrong way.

Looking at my notes on Facebook, they were usually long, really in depth, and far between. I shortened up the length some here, but I think I’m still working at this too hard. I think I’m trying too hard to be profound, when profundity doesn’t have to be incredibly long. I also don’t have to be profound every time I write. I guess writing for me may be better served as a way to explore my own thoughts, and maybe not discover something brand new every time.

But I don’t want to NOT discover something brand new every time. I really dislike excessive redundancy and predictability. And I guess I feel like maybe revisiting topics will start to look like reruns do in the comics. Perhaps still entertaining to a point, but annoying nonetheless (hey, I take my comics seriously).

And then I ramble to a certain point in the post, and then suddenly have nothing else to say. Do I just leave it there? Do I wrap it up in a closing remark that pulls everything together? I’m not writing a five paragraph essay. Mrs. Toews (writing teacher in high school) would have had a cow if the papers I handed in to her were organized like my blog posts.

So do I play by my own rules and just hope that people reading what I write are still with me, or try to cater to something that people may not care about anyway?

Eh, I guess I’m overthinking things again. Oh, and look, I just wrote a rather lengthy post on this subject. This always happens. I start whining about how I can’t write and then I’m able to write extensively about how I can’t write, and my struggles with coming up with a topic. Heh. IRONY!!!!

Wait, did I also just pull that all together with a closing remark, too? Why does my brain DO this to me?!?

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Well hello there. I'm a thoughtful chap who loves God and swing dancing. I tend to live in the moment with the future in mind, and I try make everything as worth it as possible. And if I can do something that makes me look silly, making my friends laugh, I'll probably do it. View all posts by Derek

One response to “Insert pithy and perhaps humorous title here.

  • Jay

    I love irony… Irony is one of my favorite types of unintentional humor. A kind of humor that doesn’t necessarily make you laugh, but is captivating nonetheless.

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