Brain muscles

I’m already finding the usefulness this blog. Because I am forcing myself to update it regularly, in turn I am forced to keep a keen eye open for material. The other eye feels kinda left out, though.

So because I have to exercise that muscle in my brain, it’s starting to get easier. It’s also getting easier to roll stuff around in my brain beforehand, pondering the subject of interest for perhaps a day before I write it down. It’s getting easier to organize the information in my brain, and also getting easier to type it out in a coherent way. I always like strengthening my brain muscles, especially when I can see results.

I’m one of those people who learns best by doing, and it’s the same thing with this. I keep thinking writing isn’t a strong suit of mine, because it’s harder for me to do than other things. But then I write something, think it’s sorta meh, post it, and people give me positive feedback. Like it’s good or something. I suppose what I write is somewhat boring to me because I’m used to the way I think, and used to WHAT I think. There’s usually not much new in my brain that isn’t influenced by other people’s ideas, and then I feel like I’m stealing their ideas for my own. Which when you think about it, makes perfect sense. I’ve realized there’s nothing in one’s brain that hasn’t developed from outside influences, whether consciously or not. So I’m getting over that pretty quickly now. Oh, so getting back to the first sentence of this paragraph, I’m learning that writing isn’t as not much of strong suit as I thought it was. Try to unravel THAT sentence over your bedtime snack tonight.

Still hate coming up with a title, though. WHY must the title be so prominent and expected? And titley? There’s too much pressure. I’ll have to come up with a title tomorrow.

EDIT: It’s tomorrow. I came up with a title.

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Well hello there. I'm a thoughtful chap who loves God and swing dancing. I tend to live in the moment with the future in mind, and I try make everything as worth it as possible. And if I can do something that makes me look silly, making my friends laugh, I'll probably do it. View all posts by Derek

One response to “Brain muscles

  • Tattianna

    This post was so easy to understand and relate to. (yes, that’s positive)
    Ever heard that we as people are a compilation of the greatest people we meet. I guess it’s true to some extent, though I don’t really like the thought. But I know my friends influence my interests sometimes.

    PS I often skip titles. Who needs ’em anyways? Titles are for lazy people who want to read the writing in lesser words. (I don’t like them in my Bible either.) :P

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