When I was a little boy, I never really liked getting shots. After all, they were no massage to the deltoid. They hurt quite a bit, and made me cry.

However, there was one time that I had to go get a flu shot that I decided I was going to be a big boy. I decided that even though it would hurt, I wouldn’t cry when I got it. So to do this, I worked on getting myself psyched up for it. I even went in when Mommy and Daddy got their shots to watch. And I was okay, it was just a shot after all, right?

So it comes time for me to get my shot. And I’m a brave boy; I roll up my sleeve, watch as the nurse swabbed my arm, and even watched as the nurse gave me my shot. It definitely hurt, but I held my breath and clenched my teeth. And then it was over, my arm hurt, but I didn’t cry! I was so proud of myself.

After that, I’m slightly vague on the details. I know we had to walk through the hospital a ways, and I remember getting sorta fuzzy as we were going along. I didn’t know why, of course, or even what it meant, but I didn’t think about it. Last thing I remember is we were standing in front of an elevator, waiting for it to come up, and I just started losing it. World turned black and white, ears started ringing. Hoo boy.

Next thing I remember, I’m on a table looking at Mom, wondering what happened. Then after that the event holds no memory for me.

This is the story of my first experience passing out from getting shots. I don’t remember thinking about anything that may have made me freak out at all, but ever since, I’ve always had issues with being poked with needles. Consciously, I know there shouldn’t be anything wrong or freaky about getting a shot, but my subconscious will tend to lay me out before the needle even gets to my arm! Frustrates me. I’m fine with the pain, I’m fine with accidentally getting metal splinters on the construction site, but if someone’s poking a needle in my arm, I’m down for the count. It’s just annoying. The one thing I can’t get over. So I guess it’s just a thing I’m gonna have to deal with, at least 3 more times this year. The sacrifices I have to make for missions trips. *sigh*
Currently watching: The Lost Thing, a short film nominated for an Oscar. It’s really good. I can’t find a place for you guys to link to watch the whole thing, but it’s definitely worth the $2 if you’re okay with spending it.


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