Rain (the spinoff!)

Rain Rain Go Away!

So my friend Jay wrote a blog post about rain. And I liked it. So I decided to steal his idea. Thanks, Jay.

I love and hate rain. So there’s that. Rain is great at lulling one into a lovely sense of rest, and the way it sounds when dripping on the roof is just delightfully scrumptious. I love the way it drifts one into a state of contemplation, even if the issue being contemplated consists of nothing at all. And right now, as I’m thinking about this, I’m really upset that I don’t have my hammock yet. That would just top off this lovely, rainy afternoon (Sunday). The slight swing, the gentle tapping of the rain on the roof….

*snort* Woah. Guess I’m drowsy today.

The unfortunate thing about rain, however, is that it’s impossible to ignore. There are two sides of Derek’s brain when it’s raining and he has to do things: the part that’s slowly falling asleep and the part that’s trying to drag it along. On a dreary, rainy day, my brain doesn’t want to do anything else, especially if it has to do something else. So I guess it’s not necessarily the rain that I detest as much as the fact that I have to do things whilst coexisting with the rain.

And as a construction worker, this side of my opinion tends to be made even stronger, depending on if the work needs to be done indoors or out. I really really hate being damp from rain. It’s like being slightly sweaty on a humid day for an extended period of time. It’s just bleh, and a source of great discomfort. I’d rather be totally soaked, honestly.

So yeah, my opinions on rain are rather scattered.

By the way, check out Tony’s blog. It will entertain your face into a million pieces. And then glue it back together using balloons and soap. Yes, it can do that. But don’t try that at home.


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