I have a hard time comprehending something like this.

These kinds of disasters are nothing new on this earth, but each time it happens, it’s still hard to really grasp.

I actually have a hard time not only comprehending such a huge disaster, but also empathizing. For some reason, I’m emotionally unmoved by pictures of disaster. Perhaps because I’ve seen so many before? Perhaps.

It’s not like I’m a stone-hearted individual who has no sympathy because there was enough warning for people to get away from the tsunami. I know that’s pretty much impossible on short notice, especially when everyone attempts to do it at once. People are essentially trapped in such a situation, knowing that they’re going to be swept away any minute, or worse, any hour. Just the anticipation of such an event would be horrible. Why does merely thinking about this situation not move me emotionally?

It’s like knowing with your head that God’s real, but not with your soul. I suppose there’s little that I can do about it. And then again, should I WANT to be emotionally moved by it? What would the advantage of despairing for those poor people? I won’t make me donate more than I have already, and it’ll only drown my brain in unproductive sadness. Does this make me prudent, or cold-hearted? I don’t know.

However, Japan, I am still praying. Be safe, as safe as you can be.


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4 responses to “Disaster

  • Tami

    Derek, I think the scope of this is often too difficult to comprehend. I don’t think you’re wrong at all. I wasn’t able to “relate” at all when I was your age.
    I guess if you imagine your family being swept away or being crushed by a building, it might “help” you to empathize, but even that’s hard to imagine. The most important thing you can do is to pray for these suffering people. And I think you’re already doing that. ;)

  • Tattianna

    Yeah, I think it’s hard to empathize with a situation so far beyond your realm of experience. How do you explain heartbreak to someone who’s never experienced it? You just wanna say get over it if you’ve never felt that pain yourself.
    That’s why mission trips give such wonderful perspective on all the issues going on around us. I’m super jealous of those going on missions trips this summer….though I guess I can’t complain with my summer plans.

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