Missions trip! (Please read)

Dear friends:

I love missions trips. I like getting out of my comfort zone to serve God and be his hands and feet. Most of my missions trips to date have involved mostly work trips, and I’m actually going to be doing a couple more of those this summer as well. But I’m writing to talk about an opportunity that opened up for me this summer that’s a little different from what I’m used to.

God has opened the door for me to go on a short-term mission trip to South Africa with e3 Partners Ministry from July 11-22. Instead of being a work-based trip, this trip is focused on actually working with existing churches there that are burdened for winning the lost, discipling new believers, and starting new churches. I will be teamed up with other Christians as we go door-to-door telling people about Jesus Christ through translators and bilingual literature. After leading people to Christ we’ll start discipling the new believers and hold cell group meetings. We’ll then be training the national church members in evangelism so they are able to carry on the discipleship process after we come home. This has been a very effective method used in South Africa and I am excited in being a part of this ministry.

This is incredibly different from anything else I’ve done, since I’ve never actually been the one evangelizing. I’ve always been the guy in the background doing stuff, or giving money so that the person evangelizing can do it well. And I’ve been, well, comfortable there. I’m hoping this will stretch me in a way I never have been before, and though I’m nervous, I’m also excited to see how God will work through me to reach people who are desperately wanting and needing the gospel, even if they don’t know it yet.

So here’s the thing. I really, really need your help. This guy can’t do this by himself. Evangelism is a team thing, and I need you on my team. First and foremost, I will need your prayers for the spiritual battles that will most likely be very prevalent in this trip, both in preparation and while I’m there.

Second, I can’t pay for this thing by myself. I’d love to, but I’m unfortunately not independently wealthy. Anything you can give is appreciated. I’m prepared to help out with the cost as much as I can, but I’m already paying to work at Joni and Friends Family Retreat again this summer, as well as serving in Burkina Faso (also in Africa) for a few weeks. So please pray about being a part of my team and about how much God would have you give. And if you happen to be reading this and you don’t believe in God, just go ahead and throw some cash this way anyway. :)

The total for this missions trip is $2900. Much of this amount is due on April 13th because I need to buy airline tickets. Please consider investing in this project. It’ll give you warm fuzzies inside. Actually, in all seriousness, God is going to move in South Africa like you wouldn’t imagine, and I would love for you to be able to be a part of it, whether with money or prayer.

If you would like to join me in this, you can donate either online here, or make your check payable to “e3 Partners Ministry” and mail it to me (email me for my mailing address if you don’t have it). e3 Partners will then send you a tax deductible receipt.

So thus endeth this letter. I know you’ll probably read (or trash) about 8 of these kinds of letters this spring/summer, but please consider helping out. I’m really looking forward to this trip and what God’s going to do. Thanks at least for reading through the whole thing. :)


P.S. If you would be interested in receiving updates on my trip, just shoot me an email at tall.lanky.monkey+SA@gmail.com, and I would be quite happy to add you to the list.


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