Safety Dance

So those of you who follow me pretty closely on Facebook know that I recently posted something about wanting to find some awesome electronic dance music. And I got some great suggestions, most of which I’m still trying to sort through yet. Okay, ALL of which I need to sort through yet.

However, this song came up as a suggestion in the conversation on Facebook. And even though it wasn’t really what I was looking for, I love it so much. Coupled with the video, this is my new fav song.

And for probably an hour, I could not stop watching the video, and I could not figure out why. I still don’t know why for sure, but at least I have a few ideas.

  • First off, the song’s catchy. There’s that.
  • The video is just so much fun to watch. The people dancing aren’t dancing because it’s choreographed, the people are dancing because they’re jubilant, and they’re just happy to dance.
  • The midget and the girl are just so much fun to watch, mainly because of the previous reason.
  • The singer isn’t above all of it. He’s as happy to dance like an imbecile as much as everyone else.
  • I like dancing like an imbecile.

    In fact, that’s probably the reason I love it so much. It seems to have my attitude about life. I’ll dress real neat from my hat to my feet and then do something rather ridiculous, if the opportunity arises.

    So yeah, I like it.

  • About Derek

    Well hello there. I'm a thoughtful chap who loves God and swing dancing. I tend to live in the moment with the future in mind, and I try make everything as worth it as possible. And if I can do something that makes me look silly, making my friends laugh, I'll probably do it. View all posts by Derek

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