Shag weekend!

Precursor to thoughts: I was at Penn State for their swing dance club’s workshop weekend centered around collegiate shag. It was called Shagception.

Thought 1: Dude, collegiate shag is so incredibly awesome!

Thought 2: Dude, my butt hurts. Maybe I should start exercising.*

Thought 3: Tried some Brain Toniq over the weekend. First saw this stuff covered at MacWorld, and wondered if it had any kind of validity whatsoever. But I saw it at Wegmans (thought 4: Wegmans is awesome and I want one in Lancaster, which apparently is going to happen at Greenfield, so yay), and decided I must try the stuff, even though the can cost about $2.67. Tried it (it was warm), and decided it was mighty tasty. And it definitely brought my concentration up for doing a little bit of schoolwork, but I’m also quite adept at making placebos work. But, it’s definitely very tasty. It tastes like an energy drink except for the fact that it tastes really good. So forget about the energy drink comparison.

Thought 5: My perception of how to do lindy was completely changed around in about 30 minutes, which was awesome. Got a private lesson separate from the rest of the weekend from one of the more prominent lindy hoppers at Penn State, and now I’m gonna have to rework my entire swingout. Which is not a negative thing.

Thought 6: For some reason, whenever I do weekends like this, I end up discussing matters in the realm of apologetics at some point or another. This time it was abortion. It was a good conversation; nobody was steamrolling over the other. Quite stimulating and stretching, since I get next to zero opposition to my views in Lancaster (at least as a face to face chat).

Thought 7: I get free breakfast at a diner tomorrow. Yay! Oh wait, that’s not part of the weekend. Forget it.

Thought 8: I tasted my first kumquat. YUMNESS! Also sunflower seed butter. That was also pretty appetizing.

Thought 9: I really hope I can start injecting Lancaster with shag. I at least took video of what we learned so that hopefully, I won’t forget stuff when I’m breaking it down for other people.

That’s it for now. I may have more inspired things to say later in the week, who knows. Anyway, kudos once again to Penn State Swing Dance Club for hosting these weekends with such great instructors for such a small amount of money. You ain’t gonna get a weekend full of workshops anywhere else for $25. That’s dang crazy.

Also, random thought. I’m pretty sure Futurama is laced with cocaine.


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