The Return

Surprised kitty is surprised that I actually posted again.

Hehehe. Hey, I’m “back”.

So I’ve been very lazy about the blog the past couple weeks. Mostly because I’ve been doing other things. Like dancing, Portal 2, Futurama, and actually reading a book. I’ve also been trying to be vaguely more responsible in general around the house. So I haven’t really written anything recently that I finished. I was going to do a long blog post on Osama bin Laden’s death and people’s reactions to it, but I never got around to it.

But, here’s the short explanation of my perspective on people celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death: Are people celebrating his death, or his removal from power? I’m celebrating bin Laden’s removal from power, not his descent into hell. And even though it probably won’t do much against Al Qaeda, bin Laden was an extremely dangerous and intelligent terrorist that needed to be removed from power. And we didn’t murder him either, by the way. Murder requires innocence, of a sort, in the victim.

But anyway, back to what I was saying previous to that. Um….

Actually, I may not have been saying anything else previous to that.

Oh, yes I was! So, I’m still trying to raise funds for my missions trips this summer, so I’m offering private swing dance lessons for $15 an hour and $10 a half hour, which is stupidly cheap by any calculation. Also, I’m offering record-to-CD conversion for about $5 a record. Several people have expressed interest in the lessons but nothing has come to fruition yet, leaving me grasping at thin air. So if you’d be interested in either of those things, I would be quite happy to oblige and take your money. Also if you just want to donate, that would be fantastic. Just email me at and I’ll let you know how. I still have over a thousand dollars to raise, so anything would be appreciated.

And with that, I should go be responsible. And eat breakfast.

Oh, and the blog may not go back on the same schedule. I don’t know, I have to think about where this is going. Hey, maybe you could sponsor a blog post for $5! That would be awesome. It would give me more purpose with the blog, and raise money for it, too! And I would let you tell me what to write about, if you wanted to! So if anyone wants to hit me up for that, I’d be up for it.

Okay, NOW I’m ending the blog post.


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Well hello there. I'm a thoughtful chap who loves God and swing dancing. I tend to live in the moment with the future in mind, and I try make everything as worth it as possible. And if I can do something that makes me look silly, making my friends laugh, I'll probably do it. View all posts by Derek

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