JAF Update: Prayer Request

Right now I’m still at Joni and Friends; this is week 2. This week is always the most valuable week to me, mainly because of who my camper is. He likes to run around and battle with Nerf swords and is into a lot of fantasy stuff, so it’s a lot of fun, but also very physically taxing. In addition to that, the week can be really mentally/emotionally tiring sometimes because of his disability. I’ve had him for the past three years, and we’ve worked really well together. And even though the week can knock me out, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I know how much it means to him and how much it means to his mom, and that means a lot to me, that I can make that kind of a difference. However, I’ve been thrown a bit of a curveball.

Over the weekend, I started getting what I know now to be a cold. A cold isn’t that big of a deal; usually I work through colds anyway. But I need to be up and energetic all week, and at work I don’t usually need to be a ninja, protecting the dark secrets of the Kokarika Forest. :) So I would definitely appreciate your prayers for me. What I’m asking for is not necessarily that God heals me (although that would be nice), but that God would sustain me when I need sustained. That I would have the energy to be “on” all week. That I’m a good enough actor that my camper doesn’t see that I’m drained. This week is about him, and I want this to continue to be the best week of his year. This is what makes Joni and Friends worth it to me, and I don’t want this cold to beat me.

One thing that makes this week easier is the STM that helping me, Adam. This is actually his first year as an STM, though his family has been coming as STMs for about 10 years. But he’s doing a fantastic job; he really cares about our camper. And even already, on the second day of camp, we’re starting to be able to read each other and trade off on different things when we see the other person’s getting down. So I’m incredibly pleased at how well he’s doing and how selfless he is. But again, it’s a bit of a strenuous job, and he’s zonked after a full day as much as I am. So pray for him and his ability to endure, as well as mine, because without him, I would have very little hope of a fully successful week.

So to recap, I would implore you all to pray for my and Adam’s stamina, and mine especially in light of my cold. Pray that we would have the energy to be over and beyond what is expected, and pray that this week would be my camper’s best week yet.

Today was a great success, by the way. Adam and I apparently tired out our camper well enough that he’s now zonked for the night. He had eaten before camp dinner was served, and while Adam and I ate, he promptly fell asleep on a nearby couch. About an hour later, he woke up and wanted to go to his room to sleep for the night, so I walked him to his room. The report from his mother is that he’s definitely passed out in bed, so we’re free for the night! I shall probably celebrate by going to bed early. :) So feel free to praise God for that!

Thanks everyone for your support! I would appreciate if you would commit to praying by commenting and letting me know.



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2 responses to “JAF Update: Prayer Request

  • Cameron

    I will definitely be praying for you, I know you love this week even though it zonks you so. I’m really glad that you got somebody that you can work with really well and has such great mind reading skills. :)

    “Zonk out your camper for the evening. Achievement Unlocked!” :D

    I miss you, can’t wait to see you this weekend! :)

  • jennicalhoun

    Praying for you and Adam. Praying for your camper. May God bless you as you pour out of yourself and into your camper, but may he also refill and refresh you each night.


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