JAF and SA update!

Beautiful, ain't it?
I know you all have been waiting for this update with bated breath! And I also know that I’m really late in getting this out to you. What with the holiday and everything, I haven’t had much time to sit down for awhile to write an update. But here it is.

So first of all, thank you all for the prayers last week. The week went very well. I was able to continue serving in spite of my cold, and to my knowledge I didn’t get anybody sick. Adam continued to do well, and my camper had the best week yet! So thank you for that.

JAF accomplished.

Now on to South Africa and Burkina Faso.

South Africa is coming up in a short 5 DAYS! I can’t believe it. And I still feel unprepared for what I’m about to jump into, which is a lot of evangelism. I’m sure it’s one of those things that I’ll get way better at as I’m doing it, but it’s still unnerving because I’ve never done it before. So feel free to pray for calm nerves throughout this entire trip. I’ll be much more effective that way, I think. :)

In another note on prayer requests, one of the trip leaders, Tom, may have pancreatitis and therefore will probably be unable to go. Pray that he would either be healed from whatever his affliction is, or that the trip will somehow go just as smoothly without his attendance, as sad as that would be. He would normally leave tomorrow to start training with the nationals there before we fly over.

Also, here is a prayer calendar that you all may feel free to follow when wondering what to pray for on any given day. I will also try to post updates on the blog as often as possible with prayer requests and whatnot, but I really won’t know for sure what kind of connection I’ll have to the outside world until I get there.

I don’t have anything on my mind concerning Burkina Faso right now, so I think I’ll leave off at that for now! Thanks again to everyone for your continued support!


P.S. If you want to read up on past updates, click here.


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