Missions Trips 2011

This summer I have taken on three missions opportunities:

Being a Short Term Missionary (STM) at Joni and Friends Family Retreat for two weeks,

Going to South Africa with the organization e3 Partners to evangelize/disciple people in the area of Hluhlwe,

And going to Burkina Faso with a group from my church to aid missionaries stationed there with construction work and generally whatever else they need us to do.

I will link to all my updates about this particular facet of my summer from here.

South Africa Outreach Support Letter

General Update

JAF Update: Prayer Request

JAF and SA Update!

I’m leaving!

I’m back! ish...

World Traveler’s Recap

Also, a few extra little resources:

  • I did find Mahadaga on Google Maps, and boy was THAT difficult. But I have made my own little map showing various places around Mahadaga that you all might find interesting. It will likely be more interesting once I post pictures in/of those places, and I will probably be adding more to the map in the next day or so, but feel free to check it out in the meantime here.
  • Also, I will be posting pictures on Facebook and Flickr, but they aren’t currently up. However, check in tomorrow and I hope to have them up by midday. For those of you who either aren’t connected with me on Facebook or not on Facebook altogether, here’s the link to my Flickr. I’ll post specific links here to pictures as soon as I have them up.

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